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How should I prepare financially for a future without DACA?

As you continue to plan your financial future, we recommend that you remember to do the following:

  • Enlist someone at your job who can pick up your paycheck if you are unable to do so yourself.
  • Have a list of banks and accounts that you have opened.
  • Have a list of all of your utilities/bills.
  • Enroll someone in your bank account who can deposit, withdraw, or potentially close your bank account.
  • Start a savings account.
  • Have someone listed on your utility bills who can close accounts and collect deposits.
  • Add someone to your lease who can terminate it if need be and collect deposits.
  • Add someone to your mortgage who can continue making payments on your mortgage, close it, or sell your property for you.
  • Add someone to your car lease who can continue payments, terminate purchase, or sell your vehicle for you.
  • Begin a savings plan immediately even if it’s not much. It might come in handy later.