Counseling Center

How to Schedule an Appointment

You may schedule an initial intake appointment by calling the Counseling Center at 206-543-1240 or stopping by 401 Schmitz Hall. The intake appointment will be an opportunity for you to meet with a counselor and determine whether the Counseling Center would be the best service to suit your needs. Please note that scheduling an intake may take 1-2 weeks and, during peak times of the quarter, it may be longer.

We also have same-day intakes that are available for scheduling starting at 8:30 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for appointment times that afternoon.  Since we have a limited number of same-day intakes available, we recommend to call promptly at 8:30 to increase your chances of scheduling one of these appointments.  We offer same-day intakes during the regular school year only, and are unavailable during breaks or summer quarter.

Crisis Services