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Access to Higher Education

Below is some information about access to higher education for students whose DACA grant has expired. Some answers will vary depending on the campus within the University of Washington. We are invested in your success. If you foresee having difficulty continuing your education because of your status, contact your campus or department to discuss options.

Can former DACA grantees enroll in public colleges and universities?

The State of Washington allows students, regardless of immigration status, to enroll in public colleges and universities. The University of Washington continues to enroll students regardless of immigration status based on Washington law (HB 1079). Current and former DACA grantees and undocumented students are able to enroll at the UW if they meet residence and graduation requirements under HB 1079.

Can former DACA grantees qualify for in-state tuition rates?

Washington has a “tuition equity” law called HB 1079 and the University of Washington has policies allowing students who attended high school for a certain number of years in the state and who meet other criteria to qualify for in-state tuition rates, regardless of their immigration status. Current and former DACA grantees and undocumented students who meet these criteria can continue to pay in-state tuition rates. Eligibility for students losing DACA would not change in the state of Washington.