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Below are news articles that have been archived by our staff. Some past articles may have been removed from the database.

UWEM Hosts 1st Building Emergency Responder Summit

October 26, 2006

UWEM, in cooperation with UW Police, Facilities Services, EH&S and Seattle Fire, hosted the 1st Building Responder Summit on Tuesday, October 24, 2006. This event was open to all UW staff, but primarily for staff responsible for building safety and disaster response (Building Coordinators, Evacuation Wardens, UW CERT, Department Administrators, Health & Safety Committee members…) Click here for a preliminary program and program specifics. A copy of the Powerpoint presentation will be posted online in the near future. CHECK BACK SOON!

QuakeFest: Get Ready To Rumble!

October 11, 2006

October 11, 2006, 11 AM

UWEM Announces $100K for Campus Disaster Improvement

September 25, 2006

On this 5th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the UW announces the third year awards of $100,000 grants to 16 UW units to increase the UW's homeland security and emergency preparedness efforts. This highly-sucessful internal competitive grants program, provides seed funding for UW department and unit projects that meet one or more of the UW's hazard mitigation and emergency response initiatives and plans. Click here for a listing of (16 of 28) funded projects for FY 2006-2007.

UW Special Events Mobile Command Vehicle Ready for Action!

September 25, 2006

The UW now has another tool to use to respond to all sizes of emergencies - from small-scale incident, to catastrophic disasters. The Special Event Mobile Operations Command vehicle (SEMOC, for short), has been acquired by the C&C department to provide critical incident site communications and support during and after emergencies impacting the Seattle Campus.

UW-CERT on NW Cable News for 9/11/2006

September 14, 2006

NW Cable News filmed a news story on the UW's Campus Emergency Response Team (UW-CERT)team on 9/7/06. Volunteers from C&C and HSB CERT teams staged a mock-rescue of "George", our UW-CERT rescue dummy. Bruce Menzies & Lynetta Holifield did a great job answering interview questions on behalf of UW-CERT. The newscast will air through-out the day on Monday, September 11, 2006 and will have a more in-depth story broadcast around 7:00 PM PST on NW Cable News. If you have any questions about UW-CERT, please contact the UW Office of Emergency Managment at 206-897-CERT or disaster@u.washington.edu.

UWEM Unveils New Logo

September 11, 2006

The UW Emergency Management officially unveiled its new (and first) department logo on 8/17/06. The logo, which will be used in all future promotions, printed and electronic materials, was developed an internal team working with a professional graphic artist. The simple, exciting design was chosen to reflect UWEM's core values and activities: inclusiveness, action, progress and global partnerships. Click here for a better view!

2006 UWEM Customer Survey Results Released

September 06, 2006

The very-first customer service survey for the UWEM were released today. Overall, UWEM received very high ratings in the full spectrum of services we provide to the campus. Included in the report are a number of excellent suggestions for improvement that will be evaluated by the OEM team. Thank you to everyone who participated in this ground-breaking effort! Click here to review the full 41-page report (in PDF format) Click here

UW Pandemic Flu Exercise Deemed a "Success"

August 01, 2006

On May 31, 2006, nearly 90 UW, City, County and State officials responded to a major outbreak of pandemic flu impacting the UW Campus. But, it was only a drill. This event, part of the UW's annual disaster drill cycle, focused on the policy and operational planning considerations for the UW and its community partners. A full copy of the After-Action report can be found by clicking [ here ] .

UWEM Staffer Gains National Certification

July 21, 2006

UWEM Emergency Management Specialist Elenka Jarolimek received notification on July 3rd that she has achieved the status of CEM (Certified Emergency Manager). Elenka is one of only 544 CEMs worldwide and gained this recognition through passing a rigorous examination and approval of her professional contributions application package. The CEM program is administered by an independent national peer-review panel.

UW Needs Volunteers for Disaster Drill at Husky Stadium

July 15, 2006

The UW needs at least 200 volunteers to act as victims at our annual field disaster drill at Husky Stadium on Sunday, July 23rd (7am - 2pm). This drill, in cooperation with the City of Seattle & other emergency response agencies, will be the largest ever for the UW. Free Lunch will be provided for all participants. For more information on this exciting opportunity, please contact Scott Preston at scottpre@u.washington.edu for all the details..plus we feed you! Click here for more information.

UWEM Recognized in National Online Emergency Mgmt. "Chat"

July 11, 2006

The UW's Emergency Management Program was once-again recognized as a national leader in college/university disaster preparedness. The June 28, 2006 online EIIP Emergency Management Forum, hosted by King County EM Director Eric Holdeman, discussed the Phase II results of the new federal National Plan Review (NPR). In reply to a question about campus preparedness, the UW was singled out as a beacon for other higher education institutions!

UWEM Staffer Wins International Recognition

June 01, 2006

UWEM Emergency Management Specialist Elenka Jarolimek was honored to receive a full scholarship to attend the 2006 Annual Natural Hazards Conference in Boulder, CO July 9-12, 2006. Selected from 41 applicants from 17 countries, Elenka is only one of 2 recipients this year. She will represent the UW and her profession as another shining-star of what UWEM is doing to better our institution. Congratulations Elenka!

Campuswide Pandemic Flu Exercise Planned for May 31st

June 01, 2006

OEM is coordinating a campuswide communicable disease tabletop drill on Wednesday, May 31st. Over 85 UW, community and regional public health officials will convene for this 6-hour drill. The purpose is to further develop detailed plans, policies and procedures in responding to the potential of a worldwide pandemic impacting the UW's operations. This invitation-only event will result in improvements to the UW's emergency response activities and efforts.

UWEM Now Offers Disaster Video Lending Library

May 19, 2006

The UWEM now offers to lend out, free-of-charge, over 70 VHS tapes and DVDs for UW staff, students, faculty and classes. Disaster topics on tape range from earthquakes, fires, terrorism, mass fatalities to personal, business and family preparedness. Contact UWEM for a full listing of available tapes. Like Blockbuster, we do not charge any late fees!

"3 Days - 3 Ways" Public Campaign Launched

May 11, 2006

"3 Days, 3 Ways, Are You Ready?" is a public motivation campaign developed through a joint effort between emergency management agencies throughout King County to raise awareness of citizens to get prepared for a major event in our area. The campaign is designed to be easy to learn the steps to preparedness. The three key ingredients are make a plan, get a kit, and get involved. Any step a citizen takes today will put them in a stronger position to be more resilient in a major event such as earthquake, winter storms or terrorist attack.

Higher education programs jump in response to recent events

April 28, 2006

Following 9/11 and now Katrina there has been an explosion of higher education degree programs in emergency management. For those of you looking to either enter the field of emergency management or obtain higher level degrees in the subject area this Web site (external) provides a list of colleges, universities and institutions offering emergency management courses

C&C Launches new "eOutage" Automatic Notification System

March 24, 2006

Starting March 14th, C&C will allow the UW Community to sign up for an automated list for receiving email notifications about major campus service disruptions that impact communications, computing, networking, & power. This listserv will be the primary source of info. regarding widespread outages. It will not announce outages that affect smaller portions of campus or that are resovled before an announcement can be sent. This service will not solve all outage notification needs, nor will it replace pre-existing notification methods. Information can be found at http://www.washington.edu/eOutage/ and by telephone at 206.eOutage (206.368.8243) or toll-free 1.866.368.8243.

Training Opportunity: Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents

March 15, 2006

The UW Office of Emergency Management has invited a couple of speakers from New Mexico Tech's EMRTC program to spend 4 hours talking about Preventing and Responding to Suicide Bombing Incidents (PRSBI).

The time and location of the presentation will be:

March 21, 2006 HSB T-435 (seating for 189) 0800-1200

We welcome all first responders, security, emergency management and others with a vested interest in this training to attend. We do ask for an RSVP to scottpre@u.washington.edu or 206-897-2378 so we know how many to plan for. We've included the link for this class from New Mexico Tech if you are interested in reading more about the curriculum.

UW Offers New Undergraduate Course in Disaster Management

March 13, 2006

Beginning Spring Quarter 2006, the UW College of Architecture and Urban Planning will be offerering an exciting new undergraduate couse in disaster management. The course will focus on real-world emergencies and disasters and focus on how students can better prepare their own families and workplaces in case of the unthinkable. Course Developer Bob Freitag encourages anyone interested in the field to sign up for the URBDP 498 to sign up. Spots will fill up quickly.

Pandemic Flu Primer

March 02, 2006

Read more on the potential impacts of a major worldwide pandemic flu outbreak globally as well as regionally here in King County.

Because most or all people would not have immunity to a new pandemic virus, large numbers of persons around the world can be infected. If the pandemic virus causes severe disease, many people may develop serious illnesses.

Click here for more information.

New/Free Homeland Security Online Courses NOW Available

February 09, 2006

The Washington State Homeland Security Institute announced that it is now offering its first 4 online courses. Click here for more information on the following FREE courses: Personal Protective Equipment, Operational Safety & Security, Mass Decontamination, and WMD Awareness. These courses are available 24/7 and are approved by the US Office of Domestic Preparedness.

Regional Pandemic Flu Workshop Webcast (January 30th)

February 02, 2006

Harborview Medical Center and Public Health-Seattle and King County are sponsoring a Regional Pandemic Flu Conference, Monday, Jan. 30. The day-long event will address issues that would face the Northwest if there were a pandemic flu outbreak. Designed for clinicians and hospital administrators, it will feature speakers from Harborview, Public Health—Seattle and King County, and the national Centers for Disease Control. Topics include community coordination, infection control in the health-care setting, an update on antiviral drugs, health-care facilities preparation, patient care issues, and palliative care.

Although registration for the conference is full, the event will be Webcast, "Live" on January 30. A link to the Webcast is available from this page. The event will also be broadcast on UWTV and the Research Channel later this spring.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Recommendation

January 09, 2006

UW OEM is joining with rescue personnel in asking people to program on their cell phones' address book

UWEM Featured on King County Television

January 09, 2006

Starting in December, KCTV, King County Public Access Television's Project Impact show will regularly-highlight the UW Office of Emergency Management, its innovative programs and Homeland Security activities. Click here to view the entire program on your computer or consult your cable TV guide for programing times/dates (Comcast Digital Cable 22 or Millennium Digital Cable 72 or 80.)


January 09, 2006

Come help the Office of Emergency Management during our January 11, 2006 disaster response training. We