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Engaging Students with Disabilities in Science and Computing

Communities of Practice (CoP)

  • STEMed
    This CoP engages K-12 teachers; postsecondary STEM faculty, other organizations that support STEM educators; faculty who teach STEM to preservice and inservice teachers; STEM leaders in state offices of education.
  • compcop
    The Computing Faculty, Administrator and Employer CoP engages the computing community to explore ways to make sustainable changes in computing departments that lead to more inclusive practices and enhance computing fields with the diverse perspectives of individuals with disabilities. Membership includes computing faculty, administrators, industry representatives, and members of professional organizations. 

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Programs and Projects

  • AccessComputing
    Increasing the participation of people with disabilities in computing fields.
  • AccessCSforAll
    Increasing the participation of students with disabilities in K-12 computing courses.
  • AccessCyberlearning
    Advancing knowledge to improve the experiences of learners with diverse characteristics, including disabilities, in digital learning.
  • AccessEngineering
    Improving engineering fields by increasing the participation of people with disabilities and incorporating their perspectives and expertise.
  • AccessERC
    Promoting the engagement of people with disabilities in NSF-funded Engineering Research Centers and the development of products, websites, facilities, and events that are welcoming and accessible to everyone.
  • AccessISL
    Providing access to informal STEM learning for participants with disabilities by making opportunities more welcoming and inclusive.
  • AccessSTEM
    The Alliance for students with disabilities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 
  • Exceptional Nurse
    Nursing careers/studies, access issues, and information on mentors for people with disabilities.
  • Research in Disabilities Education Collaborative Dissemination
    Resources from disability-related projects funded by the National Science Foundation.

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