AccessADVANCE Consultation and Support

PI Sheryl Burgstahler talks to two individuals at an event.

AccessADVANCE offers individual consultation and assistance in a wide breadth of areas related to creating policies, practices, culture, and resources that are welcoming and accessible to faculty with disabilities. Campus staff, faculty, and department leaders are invited to reach out and receive support and professional development in creating a more accessible department or campus, informing their research and practices with knowledge of disability-related issues, and address disability-related issues in a variety of topics related to women with disabilities, including recruitment and retention, professional development, and project evaluation.

We also recognize that people with disabilities can find themselves in situations that are both unique and complex and that require individualized advice. We invite anyone within the campus environment to connect with us so we can serve as a resource in creating a more accessible and welcoming environment.

Email us at to ask questions or set up a consultation.