DO-IT Dictionary

Confused by some of the DO-IT lingo? Here's a dictionary of some of the DO-IT terms.

adaptive (é-dap'tiv) adj. technology (têk-nôl'è-jee) n. Specialized equipment and software that allows people with disabilities to use computers and networks.

DID-IT (did-it) n. Past tense of DO-IT.


Transition to college is not just a challenge for students with disabilities. It is a challenge for parents as well. Below is a sample of some of the advice parents of DO-IT Scholars have given to one another as part of their active discussion list.

Advice to New Scholars

A primary role of DO-IT Ambassadors, who are young adults who were once DO-IT Scholars, is to share their experiences and advice with the younger Scholars. As an example, here is advice Ambassadors recently gave via electronic mail to the new Scholars as they prepared to attend their first Summer Study on the University of Washington campus.