Materials Included

Presentation Scripts

A short presentation script and a comprehensive presentation script is included to minimize the work that might otherwise be required to prepare a disability-related presentation. The presenter may use either of these scripts verbatim or extract pieces with which to customize a presentation.

Reference Material

A short glossary of disability-related terms and a brief list of resources is included for the presenter's information.


  • Handout Templates
    Three reproducible, camera-ready templates are included for use in the presentation:
  • Overhead Transparency Templates
    Black and white templates that can be developed into transparencies are included for use in the comprehensive presentation. There are many transparencies included to optimize custom presentation options.
  • Videotape
    A nine-minute videotape, Working Together: Faculty and Students with Disabilities, is included. The videotape introduces viewers to several faculty members and successful students with disabilities who have worked well together. In this videotape, faculty share their concerns about and strategies for working with students with disabilities. In addition, successful students with disabilities tell the viewers first hand about techniques and accommodations that contributed to their success. The videotape emphasizes the importance of the faculty-student relationship.

Note: Permission is granted to reproduce any of these materials for non-commercial, educational purposes as long as proper credit is given to the source. The most current text of these materials can be obtained in electronic format from the DO-IT gopher server at on the Internet network.