Universal Design

How can STEM academic departments be more accessible to and inclusive of women faculty with disabilities?

As institutions seek to leverage the benefits of diversity, application pools for faculty positions have become increasingly diverse, inclusive of faculty with disabilities who bring unique and valuable perspectives and talents to the workplace. However, the inaccessible design of the employment application process, as well as many campus facilities, software tools, services, and online resources, continue to erect barriers to some applicants and employees with disabilities, including those who are also members of other marginalized groups.

Riverside Art Museum's KickstART Kits: A Promising Practice in Improving Access for Natural Science Education

The Riverside Art Museum (RAM) created KickstART kits during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide natural science education through at-home art making. Each kit is designed to inspire young learners to explore the natural world, and each kit has five art lessons with specific themes students can choose from: Animals, Art Around the World, Oceans of Fun, Desert, and Winter.

California Academy of Sciences: A Promising Practice in Planning for Visitors who are Neurodiverse

The California Academy of Sciences has an aquarium, planetarium, rainforest, and natural history museum and is a powerful voice for biodiversity research and exploration, environmental education, and sustainability across the globe. One of their core values is a commitment to diversity and equity. Outlined on their website their commitment reads:

Where can I find promising practices regarding efforts to promote teaching inclusive K-12 computer science?

Recognizing the value of learning computer science (CS) for all students, many nationwide efforts are underway to ensure that all students in K-12 schools are introduced to computer science. Unfortunately, many of these efforts do not promote practices that are fully accessible and inclusive of students with disabilities. Three examples of inclusive efforts are listed below.

ICER 2020: A Promising Practice in Accessible Virtual Conference Presentations

Throughout 2020, as conferences moved online in response to the global pandemic, many struggled with accessibility while others took proactive steps to make their conference more accessible. The 2020 Association of Computing Machinery International Computing Education Research Conference (ICER) is an example of one conference that chose to take proactive steps by captioning the sessions and providing clear guidelines to presenters about accessible presentations.

What are tips for creating accessible social media posts?

People of all ages, interests, and abilities use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms to share content and engage in conversations. Millions of social media participants have disabilities, including those that impact their ability to see, hear, and access a standard keyboard and mouse. Many use assistive technologies such as screen readers to read aloud content on the screen and alternate keyboards that emulate the computer keyboard but not the mouse.