How does Art Beyond Sight promote equal access to art?

Date Updated

The goal of Art Beyond Sight is to “empower cultural institutions to provide accessible and inclusive environments for all of their patrons, including people with disabilities and their families.” The Art Beyond Sight website shares relevant resources—including text, images, audio, and video—for classroom teachers, museum educators, and the general public. Provided they follow user guidelines, site visitors are encouraged to utilize materials and adapt them for their own non-commercial use.

Examples of web resources include a Guide to Evaluation of Accessible Programming; resources to learn about verbal description of art and art exhibits; disability and inclusion resources for museum studies programs; and online and print publications for museum professionals, educators, students, and others. The website also houses searchable databases, an interactive timeline, and downloadable PowerPoint presentations.

For more information about accessible art, museums, and informal learning environments, visit the AccessISL website. Consider joining the AccessISL Community of Practice to participate in discussions and learn about opportunities to promote the increased participation of people with disabilities in informal science education offerings, training programs, and careers.