How can I utilize student interns to promote accessible informal STEM learning?

Informal science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning (ISL) refers to learning outside the traditional classroom setting in places such as museums, science centers, and summer camps. The AccessISL project at the University of Washington has developed creative methods to engage student interns to help ensure ISL is welcoming and accessible to everyone.

The resource Replication Package: Facilitating Student Internships to Promote Accessible Informal STEM Learning shares information about the implementation of AccessISL internships. The resource describes how students were recruited and selected, their level of participation, lessons learned, and student activities to help increase accessibility within ISL programs. It also shares products that were created, co-developed, or enhanced by interns. Examples include:

For more information about accessible ISL, visit the AccessISL website and/or view the Knowledge Base articles: Where can I learn more about accessibility and UD of informal STEM learning programs?, Intrepid Museum: A Promising Practice in Providing Accessibility Information, or How can informal STEM learning programs support individuals with vision impairments?