UW Brand

Logos 101

The University logo systems were developed with extensive advice and consultation from the University community and leadership. The President and Provost of the University formally approved this system in August 2008 and continue to endorse it today.


The University’s primary mark has been a symbol of the institution since 1902 — the block W logo. The University wordmark was adopted by the UW in 2008. The official UW logo system is intended to be flexible enough to work for units across the UW while remaining true to the goals of the overall University brand.

A distinct and consistent core signature logo system will help the University of Washington build its reputation and gain greater recognition in all manners of communication. The power of a strong visual identity can only be realized through consistent application over time.


It is the University’s policy that the Block W Logo, University wordmark and combined signature systems are the only sanctioned marks for use across the campuses to represent the University of Washington in marketing, communications and reputation building work. No other marks or symbols may be used in conjunction with or to replace the official University signature logo system.

There are three types of signature systems:

  • University signature
  • Campus signature
  • Department signature

Minimum size requirements

To preserve the legibility and integrity of the Block W logo and University wordmark within the signature systems, minimum size requirements must be observed.

Block W logo: In print, the minimum allowable width is .25“. For the web, 18 pixels wide at 72 pixels per inch (ppi).

University wordmark: In print, the minimum allowable width is 1“. For the web, 72 pixels wide at 72 ppi.

The minimum allowable unit of measure for all signature system logos is the width of the University wordmark.