UW Brand

Brand boilerplate

Think of the on-brand statement as an elevator pitch that sets the stage for sharing your stories of being boundless, whether you’re creating a fact sheet, drafting speaking points or writing Web copy.

There are two versions for you to leverage: The first captures our vision with an informal, inspirational tone. The second provides a bit more detail on our scope (addressing our three campuses, academic medical center and continuing education programs) while also conveying our vision; it uses a slightly more formal tone.

Informal tone

What defines the students and faculty of the University of Washington? Above all, it’s our belief that what you care about can change the world. It’s a connection to others, both near and far. It’s a hunger that pushes us to tackle challenges and pursue progress. It’s the conviction that together we can create a world of good. And it’s our determination to Be Boundless for Washington and the world. Join the journey at uw.edu.

Formal tone

At the University of Washington, we believe that what you care about can change the world. We’re more than one of the world’s leading public research universities: We’re a community of students and faculty united by a drive to serve the public good. From educating future leaders and making innovation work for all of us, to research breakthroughs and creative works that save and change lives, we’re committed to helping people and communities achieve their full potential. With multiple campuses, a world-class academic medical center, Pac-12 athletics and extensive continuing education programs, the opportunities here are limitless. Learn how you can Be Boundless for Washington and the world at uw.edu.