Modification Request Header and Navigation

Select each of the following for information about the Modification Request Header and Navigation:

Modification Request Header Elements

The header contains the following information:

  • “Back to list” blue arrow, on the far left
  • New Modification Request default title
  • Request ID: Prefix “MOD” with unique 5-digit number, below the request title
  • Award Application (eGC1) with link to open
  • Award Activity: Associated award number from Workday Finance
  • Request Status (OSP Setup, OSP Assigned, Processed, etc.)
  • “More actions” menu with drop-down list showing “Add comment” and ”Delete request” (options vary)

The following image shows a Modification Request header:

New Modification Request Header

“More Actions” Menu

This menu varies depending on the status of the Modification Request.

Request Status Add Comment Assign Request Delete Request
Composing Yes N/A N/A
OSP Setup Yes Yes Yes
OSP Assigned Yes Yes N/A
GCA Assigned Yes Yes N/A
GCA Workday Setup Yes Yes N/A
Routing Yes N/A N/A
Processed Yes N/A N/A
Returned Yes N/A N/A
Withdrawn N/A N/A N/A
Denied Yes N/A N/A

The following image shows an example of the “More Actions” menu, including the Delete request option:

more actions menu including delete option

Add Comment

Select “Add comment” to include a comment in the Comments & History section.

The following image shows the Add Comment window. Enter your comment, then select Add Comment.

add comment dialog

Assign Modification Request

Select “Assign request” to assign the Modification Request to an OSP individual and/or team.

The following images show the Assign Award Setup Request dialog window and a portion of the Select OSP Team menu:

assign award setup request dialog

SAGE Central Select OSP Team menu

The OSP Team choices are:

  • Team A
  • Team B
  • Team C
  • Team D
  • Failover Team
  • Federal Assistance Intake
  • Non-Federal Intake
  • Subcontracts Team

Choose the appropriate assignment and select Reassign Request.

Delete Modification Request

Select “Delete request” to delete the Modification Request.

The following image shows the Delete Modification Request? window.

  • Select Cancel to exit
  • Select Delete Request to permanently remove the request

delete modification request dialog

Modification Request Form Sections

On the left side of the page is the Navigation Menu, divided into two parts.

From the top part, you can access the Form Sections. The section being displayed will be highlighted. Select any section name to navigate to that section.

Select each of the following for more information:

Below the Form Sections are links to Awards Approvals, Awards Access & Roles, and Awards Comments & History.

The following image shows the Navigation Menu, with the General Information section highlighted. A section with a checkmark indicates it is complete.

modification request left navigation menu

Previous and Next Section Buttons for Navigation

At the bottom of each section a button for the Previous Section and the Next Section will appear, as appropriate.

previous and next section buttons