My Desk and My Teams Tasklists

Each page of the tasklist contains 20 items. You can move through the pages by clicking on the page numbers displayed at the lower right of the list.

Order of Items: The default order of the items displayed is in reverse chronological order (newest items first) based on the date received in GCA. You can change the order by clicking on any column heading. The list will sort in ascending order by that column’s values. If you click the same column heading a second time, the list will sort in descending order by value.

Note: You can only sort by one column at a time.

Buttons: Depending on the item and its status, you may see one or both of the following buttons to the left of the item.

  • Select
    • Displays for all items, but depending on the item and its status, it may open a read-only view rather than a read-write view. Read-only cases are:
      • Post-Award Changes (PAC) and Funding Actions (FA) with a status of Returned by GCA or Processed
      • Advances (ADV) in Returned to Campus status
  • Make Inactive
    • Applies to Other (OTH) forms; deletes the item from the system

The following table describes the information displayed for each item in the list.

Column Description
Item # Prefix plus system-generated number. The same number may appear for more than one item type. When combined with the prefix, the full item identifier is unique within the system.
Budget # If a budget number has been assigned, it will display
Biennium The biennium in which the budget number was assigned to the item
PI Name The PI’s last and first name separated by a comma
Action/Request Type One or more values selected for the item; the values vary by item type
Amount The dollar amount associated with the item
Rec’vd in GCA The date the item was received in GCA
Last Action Taken The last action that was applied to the item
Status The current status of the item
Location The team and desk or other location that the item is assigned to

Filtering your list: For details on filtering the items listed, review: