Awards Comments & History

The Comments & History page displays entries for Events in the Award Setup Request process. You can also add a comment at any time. The entries display in reverse chronological order, so the most recent one is first.

The following image shows an example of the Comments & History page.

Award Setup Request Comments And History

The table columns are:

  • Action Taken: Event that created the entry (see table below for details)
  • Timestamp: Date and time of the event
  • Name: User whose action triggered the event or who manually added a comment
  • Comment: Text of the comment, either system-generated or user-entered

Note: Not all Events have comments. For those entries, a dash (-) will appear in the Comment column.

When an Award Setup Request is editable, you can manually add a comment by selecting Add Comment above the table, as shown in the following image.

Award Setup Request Comments History Add Comment

A dialog window will display. As you start entering your comment, the Add Comment button in the lower right corner of the window will be enabled. Select it to save your comment.

You can only delete your own manually added comments. To remove the comment, select the trash can icon to the right of the comment in the table.

You can also add a comment from anywhere within the Award Setup Request by selecting the “more actions” (3 vertical dots) icon at the far left of the header, and choosing Add Comment.

Award Setup Request Add Comment

Event Entries

The system will add an entry for the events described in the following table. The “Comment Type” column indicates if there will be any comment text, and if so, whether it is system-generated or user-entered.

History Event Event Trigger Comment Type
History Event Event Trigger Comment Type
Created request Selecting eGC1 after searching N/A
Submitted for routing Clicking “Submit & Route” button on the Review & Submit page System-generated
Resubmitted for routing Clicking “Submit & Re-route” button on the Review & Submit page after a return Campus user comment is required to complete the process
Approved Reviewer/OSP/GCA clicking “Approve” button in the approval modal from Request Summary page of routing Adward Setup Request N/A
Returned Clicking “Return Request” button in the return modal of an Award Setup Request User-entered comment is required to complete the process. The comment is limited to 1,000 characters.
Withdrawn Clicking “Withdraw” button N/A
Denied Clicked “Denied” on the Review & Submit page User-entered comment is required to complete the process
Added ad hoc approver Clicking “+” icon to add an ad hoc approver on the approval graph User-entered comment is optional
Removed ad hoc approver Clicking the “more options” menu, then “remove reviewer” on the ad hoc approver’s node on workflow graph node User-entered comment is optional
Commented Clicking “Add Comment” button on the Comments & History page, or by selecting “Add Comment” from the “more actions” menu in the advance header User-entered comment is required to complete the process