FA/PAC: Statuses

OSP staff create Funding Actions (FA) and Post-Award Changes (PAC) using SPAERC. Once OSP completes the actions, they send them electronically to GCA for final processing.

You can return an FA or PAC to OSP for any needed changes by clicking the Return to OSP link on the left navigation menu. Once OSP makes the changes, they would resend the action for processing. The following images shows the link.

return to O S P link on the left navigation menu

Status Last Action Taken Process Stage
In GCA Received in GCA OSP completed the action and sent to GCA
Returned by GCA Returned by GCA GCA can return an action to OSP for any needed changes
Re-Sent by OSP Re-Sent by OSP OSP has made the requested changes and re-sent the action back to GCA
In GCA or Re-Sent by OSP Budget # Assigned/Confirmed GCA has added a new budget number to the action, or confirmed an existing one
In GCA Campus Notified GCA has notified campus that they completed the budget number set-up. The system sends the email to the PI, the eGC1 Administrative Contact and Pre-Award Budget Contact, the eGC1 Preparer, and the first level reviewers for the organization code receiving funding.
Processed Processed This indicates that all steps, including data entry, have been completed.