FA/PAC: Notify Campus

After you have assigned and/or confirmed the budget number for an action, you will see the Notify Campus link on the left navigation menu.  This link allows you to notify the PI, the eGC1 Administrative and Pre-Award Budget Contacts, the eGC1 Preparer, and the first-level reviewers for the organization code receiving funding, that you have set up the action’s budget.

Clicking the link opens a pop-up window. The Notify Campus section is read-only and provides information about the action you are working on. The following image shows this section.

notify campus dialog upper half

The data displayed are:

  • Admin Action or Funding Action Number
  • Current Status
  • Short Title
  • Principal Investigator
  • Sponsor
  • Budget Number
  • Budget Biennium

The following image shows the Confirm Data Entry section.

confirm data entry section

The editable fields are:

Field Description
Is Data Entry Complete? This is “No” by default.
Comments Enter any appropriate comments. These comments will display in the History for the action, and will be visible to OSP on the OSP Notes page.
Assign Item…to Location This is a required field.
Attach…to the email You can use the checkboxes to include additional attachments to the notification email. The file name, description, version and file type display for each attachment.
Recipient List The recipient list includes the Principal Investigator (eGC1’s PI), the Application Principal Investigator (eGC1’s Application PI), the eGC1 Preparer, Administrative Contact, Pre-Award Budget Contact, and the reviewers for the organization code receiving funding.

The reviewers may be division, department/center, or dean’s level depending on the unit’s routing rules. You can modify the campus notification recipient list if needed, as described below.

Click Notify Campus to complete the process or Cancel to return to the action.

The status of the action will vary depending on how you answered the Data Entry question.

  • If Yes, the action will change to Processed status.
  • If No, the action will remain in Campus Notified status. A new Complete link will appear on the left navigation menu. Use this to indicate that you have completed the data entry and to change the action to Processed status.

Examples of the FA and PAC notifications are in the SERA Notifications article.

Modifying the Recipients List

This list displays the name, email address, and relationship for each person included. Examples of the relationship would include Division Reviewer, Application eGC1 Preparer, Budget Contact. Each person’s entry also includes Update and Delete links. The following image shows an abbreviated example list.

example list of email recipients

Clicking Update allows you to change the email address of that person. An editable text box with the current email address appears, followed by a Save button and a Cancel link. You can change the address, and then click Save.

Clicking Delete for a person’s entry will display a confirmation pop-up that asks “Are you sure you want to delete this recipient?” You can click OK to confirm the deletion and remove that recipient, or Cancel to return to the list with no changes.

Below the recipients list is an Add Recipient link. This allows you to send the campus notification to additional people. Clicking the link will add another row to the list with a box to enter the person’s name, and another box for the email address. You can click Save to add the new recipient, or Cancel to return to the list with no changes.