Awards Holds

OSP and GCA can apply and remove holds from an Award Setup Request or a Modification Request.

A hold can be placed for a variety of reasons and applied when the Award Setup Request or the Modification Request is in any of the following statuses:

  • OSP Setup
  • OSP Assigned
  • Returned
  • GCA Workday setup

For additional information, review the Award Setup Holds page for GCA.

Placing a hold

1. Select the Holds form section located on the left navigation menu beneath “Supporting Documents.”

2. Select the Edit (little pencil icon) button in order to add holds.

The Holds form will display:

Awards Holds List

3. Select all manual holds and compliance checks that apply:

  • General Hold
  • Export Control Hold
  • IACUC Approval Hold
  • IRB Approval Hold
  • Campus Input Required
  • Sponsor Input Required
  • GCA/OSP Coordination Required

4. When you are done, select the Save Changes button (on the right side of the page).

Near the top of the page, the following text will display in a red font color (on all pages):

“Holds or compliance checks are in process. View the Holds or Review & Submit section for more information.”

Awards Holds Message

 Your changes will be saved and displayed in the Comments & History section of the Award Setup Request or a Modification Request.

Note: If there are no holds, the Holds content area will show “No holds or compliance checks added.”