My Teams – Filtering Your Tasklist

There are several ways you can filter your tasklist.


  • You can use this to limit the type of items displayed.
  • Checking the box will include that item type.
  • The system selects all types by default. If you deselect all of the boxes, all types display.

Date Created Within 6 Months

  • When you select this box, your list shows items just recently created.
  • You can uncheck this box to see older items.


  • By default, the system selects all locations.
  • If you want to limit your search results to specific locations, uncheck the All Locations check box, then check the desired ones.
  • Checking a team box will include all desks for that team.

Action/Request Types

  • This defaults to including all action/requests types.
  • If you want to limit your search results to specific types, uncheck the All Action/Requests Types check box, then check the desired ones.

Last Actions

  • The system selects All Last Actions by default.
  • You can select one or more actions from the list.


You can use this drop-down menu to further refine the items you select. The choices are:

  • Budget # – enter 1 or more digits. All items that start with a matching number will display. If you enter 2 or more digits, the system will automatically include the hyphen.
  • Item # – enter the full item number without the alphabetic prefix.
  • PI Last Name – enter 1 or more letters. All items with a PI whose last name starts with the entered letters will display.