OSP Initiates Modification Request

Select the Awards tab, and then select the Create a Request link. It opens a menu with the following choices:

  • Award Setup Request
  • Modification Request (OSP/GCA)
    • Involvement needed from OSP and GCA
  • Modification Request (GCA)
    • Only GCA needs to review

Use Modification Request (OSP/GCA) for all changes that require sponsor approval, an authorized official signature, or review from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

Use Modification Request (GCA) for requests that do not need OSP review and can be submitted directly to Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA).

The following image shows the expanded Create a Request menu.

Modification Create Request dropdown

Once you select the modification type, a Create Modification Request dialog window displays. Search for, and then select, the award associated with the modification request.

You can search for the award you want to modify by Award ID. The ID can be found in Workday Finance.

When OSP creates a Modification Request (OSP/GCA), the status will be OSP Setup.

When OSP creates a Modification Request (GCA Only), the approval flow will be campus to GCA.