Known Issues

Deleting an FA Short Title Causes a 99 Error

Issue: The Short Title is a required field on the Funding Action. If it is accidentally deleted and the FA is saved, then anytime you attempt to access the FA you get a 99 error. 

Fix: ORIS will need to correct the data, since the FA is not editable by OSP due to its status.


Searches Crash Due to Time-Out

Issue: In doing a search, if you search for something like just New FAs using the Show Action/Request Type selection, the search results may take so long to be gathered that the system will time out. This causes a 99 error to occur.

Workaround: When searching. make the search as specific as possible to avoid this issue.

Filtered Results List on My Desk Not Clearing Properly

Issue: If the My Desk tasklist is filtered to show items based on Action/Request Type choices, when the Action/Request Type filter is removed, and you click Go to see the new results, you will instead see the previous results list.

Fix: To fully clear the filtering

  • Re-select Action/Request Type from the Display Items Where drop-down menu
  • Click to select All
  • Click Go
  • Change Display Items Where to the blank value
  • Click Go

The resulting list will contain the correct number of results.