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An adult tapeworm, which infests the intestine.

UW researchers urge integrating deworming into HIV care in Africa

Posted: August 1, 2012

HIV care centers are an important and highly accessed point of care for HIV-infected children and their families in sub-Saharan Africa, but opportunities to address other health issues are being missed. Proven interventions, including routine deworming among children, could be effectively integrated into HIV care according to a new paper by University of Washington researchers... Read more »


Athletes, accountants and more: UW hosts visitors all summer

Posted: July 31, 2012

Athletes, accountants, leaders, teachers, gamers, programmers and more — all manner of groups use the University of Washington campus facilities during the summer, all hosted by Housing and Food Services. And new this summer, Teach for America trainees, athletes with disabilities and a new precollege recruitment program from the Office of Minority Affiars will join... Read more »

Students showed off their roller coasters, using marbles as "passengers." They also shared various calculations, such as the maximum gravitational potential energy – or G-forces – that passengers would feel.

Rockets, roller coasters and more for young scholars – with slideshow

Posted: July 31, 2012

Pedestrians along the UW’s Rainier Vista may have noticed an unusual warning last Friday. “Danger Rocket Launching Area,” the sign read. Below that someone had drawn a cartoon stick figure receiving a “doink” to the head from a descending bottle rocket. The sign was part of a demonstration by students in grades five through 10... Read more »

This bowhead whale is a member of the population that lives in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea. The Bowheads that were the subject of this study are rarely seen.

Critically endangered whales sing like birds; new recordings hint at rebound — with audio

Posted: July 31, 2012

When a University of Washington researcher listened to the audio picked up by a recording device that spent a year in the icy waters off the east coast of Greenland, she was stunned at what she heard: whales singing a remarkable variety of songs nearly constantly for five wintertime months. Listen to the bowheads repeat... Read more »

An example of an organ on a chip, in this case, a lung.

Seattle researchers to engineer kidney tissue chip for predicting drug safety

Posted: July 27, 2012

Seattle researchers will be part of the new federal initiative to engineer 3-dimensional chips containing living cells and tissues that imitate the structure and function of human organs.  These tissue chips will be used for drug safety testing. Tissue chips merge techniques from the computer industry with those from bioengineering by combining miniature models of... Read more »


Chemical makes blind mice see

Posted: July 26, 2012

A chemical that temporarily restores some vision to blind mice has been discovered.  Its discoverers are working on  an  improved compound that may someday allow people with degenerative blindness to see again. Read the paper in Neuron News release on earlier study A team of UW Medicine researchers, in collaboration with scientists at the University of California, Berkeley,... Read more »