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June 12, 2014

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Students dive into knotty issue: high-use patients

In the United States, 5 percent of patients account for 50 percent of healthcare utilization.  UW health sciences students are working together to better understand the factors that make some patients high-utilizers of healthcare, and what can be done to better coordinate services for these patients.

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Seafaring Neolithics

Genetic markers in modern populations indicate the Neolithic migrants who brought farming to Europe travelled from the Levant into Anatolia and then island hopped to Greece via Crete and then to Sicily and north into Southern Europe.Modified NASA map



Seafaring Neolithic humans colonized Europe

Genetic studies of modern European populations are helping scientists trace the migration of Neolithic peoples out of the Middle East and into Europe.

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Communal cycling linked to more head injuries

Safety experts are concerned about the rise in city bike share programs that don’t offer helmets.

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