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June 3, 2014

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E-health records: Big value for small practices, too

The age-old joke about physicians’ bad handwriting is no laughing matter. An illegible prescription can have dire consequences. Electronic health records reduce those effects by taking handwriting out of the equation. Preliminary studies show benefits to hospitals that decide to bear the upfront costs and invest in the e-platforms.



catamaran boating

A couple takes a catamaran on Union Bay in Seattle.Doug Plummer

10 tips for averting summertime dangers

Boats, barbeques, lawnmowers and fireworks come out in warm weather, but they don’t have to be the reason you’re spending a sunny day in the emergency department. Follow these tips to enjoy the summer and avoid injury.



Effort to stop sex abuse of female farm workers

Sexual harassment is an occupational problem for women working in agriculture, a fact long known in the fields and recently confirmed by a University of Washington study. Female farm workers are 10 times more likely to be sexual assaulted than are women in other occupations. A UW-led team has launched a prevention effort in Eastern Washington.