Recreational Sports Programs

About the IMA

Our Mission

The Department of Recreational Sports Programs (RSP) manages campus recreational sports and fitness facilities, and provides a balanced program of structured and non-structured recreational sports and fitness activities designed to serve students needs and interests.

Our Philosophy

Recreational Sports Programs (RSP) provides opportunities for students and other members of the University community to participate in exercise, sports and fitness activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  State-of-the-art facilities are available to encourage and motivate students and others to learn practical health and wellness activities for long-term benefits.  Eighty two different sports and fitness programs are offered to reach the wide interests of a diverse student population.

By understanding the importance of, and participating in, regular exercise through sports and fitness activities, students create lifelong habits for wise use of their leisure time.  Participation in such activities also assists students in performing well in a demanding academic environment by encouraging balanced development of mind and body.