Faculty Senate & Governance


FCBR shall be responsible for all matters of policy relating to faculty retirement, insurance and benefits. Faculty Code, Sec 42-44.

Office of Human Resources – Benefits & Work/Life

University of Washington Retirement Plan

Transgender healthcare

Dependent tuition benefits

UWRP/VIP Fund Review Committee

The UWRP and VIP Fund Review Committee is a standing committee defined in each plan document and authorized by the UW Board of Regents. The Fund Review Committee is responsible for selecting and recommending the plan record keeper(s) and investment options, and for monitoring their performance. Recommendations from the Fund Review Committee go to the provost and executive vice president who has the delegated authority from the regents to act on the recommendations.

The WholeU

The WholeU fosters community, shares ways to stay healthy, and promotes the great benefits and services available to UW faculty and staff. The WholeU encompasses six pillars: staying healthy, being active, eating well, life events & changes, volunteerism, and engaging personal interests.