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 Balancing Work & Life


We all aim for balance between our work lives and our responsibilities at home. You may be caring for a newborn or an elder relative. You may be experiencing work stress and have decided to speak with a counselor. UW WorkLife offers you many options, including confidential counseling, financial and legal services, childcare options, sick and back-up childcare services, and elder care resources.

Our employee assistance program, UW CareLink, is sponsored by APS Healthcare, a leading provider of programs helping employees make the most out of their personal and professional lives. UW CareLink offers a range of services that can help you manage through the different stages of life, develop a healthy lifestyle, create a quality work environment, and find easy access to trusted experts.


Childcare UW CareLink

The University of Washington runs four on-site childcare centers, and offers savings at off-site childcare centers and for sick care and back-up care. Enrollment priority is offered at participating centers in the Puget Sound region.

Eligibility: UW students and benefits-eligible faculty and staff working at least 50% FTE.

Many things are happening in WorkLife around Childcare. This printable childcare flyer highlights all the programs available to faculty, staff, and students.

UW CareLink provides help for stress, work-related problems, family and parenting concerns, relationship issues, drug and alcohol problems, grief and depression, legal and financial concerns.

Eligibility: Services are available nationwide for benefits-eligible UW faculty and staff, their dependents, and household members.

Access UW CareLink:
Phone: (toll-free, 24/7) 866-598-3978
TTY: 877-334-0489
UW CareLink Portal – Use "UW" as the company code to log in and register.


Disclaimer of Endorsement or Warranty: The University of Washington offers these programs solely to enhance the work life of its staff and faculty. The University has no responsibility for, and makes no representations or warranties with respect to, a) the vendors who offer products or services via these programs; b) information provided by vendors in any form, whether printed or electronic; c) the quality of products or services that vendors offer or sell to recipients through these programs or d) the ability of vendors to meet their promises or obligations in connection with the sale of a product or service, including all express, statutory, and implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement. The University reserves completely the right to alter the type and nature of the programs it offers through WorkLife, including terminating some or all programs offered.