The Immune System: Your Body's Best Defense

Black and white illustration of starfish battling sea creatures with a sword and shield


This lesson is designed for campers who are at about a middle school reading level and who can find and follow the instructions and links in a specific Web site. The site used in the lesson includes information that is appropriate for this audience, as well as for more advanced students. Although some of the vocabulary is complex, the author, Dr. Kadar, provides helpful definitions for most terms.


When campers have finished this lesson, they will be able to list the immune system's three types of defense responses, and provide examples for each response. Campers will also be able to apply what they've learned as they think about how different diseases affect the body.

Web Site

Dr. Avraham Kadar's Immunology Home Page


Limit lecture time to allow campers time to practice, explore, and learn at their own pace. The topic of this lesson is a good one to use for discussion. Your campers may find in this activity a good opportunity to bring up questions about illness and disease.

Here is one way you can organize this lesson:

  • Present a captivating introduction to the lesson. Ask, "What is the purpose of your body's immune system? What happens if your immune system doesn't work well?"
  • Provide an overview of today's activity.
  • Distribute activity sheet and facilitate today's activity.
  • Start an e-mail discussion on today's topic.
  • Summarize and discuss what was learned.