Activity Worksheet: The Immune System: Your Body's Best Defense


Today you'll explore a great place to learn doctor lingo. Not only will you pick up some impressive ER vocabulary, but you will actually learn what the words mean. Your parents will be so proud. Using the Web site called Dr. Avraham Kadar's Immunology Home Page you'll learn how your body reacts to foreign particles like viruses and illnesses. The following steps will lead you through today's activity.

  1. Use your Web browser to access the home page at the URL below:
  2. Read information provided at this site to answer the following questions.

    How many defense responses does your body have?

    Name the types and give examples of each.

    What part of the immune system is the "key fighter of foreign particles?"

    What is a leukocyte?

    Why are leukocytes important?

  3. Click on one type of leukocyte, follow the link, and write a paragraph on the back of this sheet describing how that particular cell works. You may need to follow several links to get all the information you need to write this paragraph. Now that you've learned more than you thought you could about some complicated immune responses, think of related issues to talk about.