Activity Worksheet: Tell About Your Hero


Today you will write about a hero in your life at the My Hero Web site. Follow the instructions to find the site and write a story about one of your heroes.

  1. Use your Web browser to find the My Hero Web site at the following URL:
  2. Think about what a hero means to you. Now read some stories other kids have written about their heroes. Are there stories about teachers, parents, athletes or pets? Decide what you want to write about. Here is an example of a story written by Kay in Seattle.


    Why Bunnies are Best
    I have a bunny as a friend. I don't call her a pet because she really is my friend. She makes me feel better when I'm lonely, and she reminds me to enjoy all the good things in my life. She gets great pleasure in waking me up in the morning, and then she enthusiastically nibbles her breakfast of banana and oats. She leaps with joy when she plays and stretches out for the most luxurious naps. Although some people think of people as heroes, I nominate my bunny because of all the good things she contributes to my day. But remember an important lesson, if you have a pet or animal companion, that animal depends on you for all its health and happiness. Be a caring and responsible pet owner and you will be a hero to your animal friend.

  3. Add a hero story to the collection. To do this, select You can be part of the My Hero Project! Then, select SIGN THE MY HERO GUEST BOOK. Fill in the information requested and type the name of your hero. Then explain why this is your hero - this will be your story.
  4. Press the Submit Hero button and your work will be added to the My Hero guest book.