Tell About Your Hero

black and white illustration of dog with superhero cape


This lesson is designed for younger campers who are in kindergarten through third grade. The site you'll be using, My Hero, will give you a chance to talk about positive influences in your campers' lives.


Your campers will have the opportunity to think about people or things that have influenced them in their young lives. You may be surprised to discover the interesting and sensitive stories you will hear from campers who have only been alive for even six or seven years.

Web Site

My Hero


Although you will not need a great deal of formal presentation time for this lesson, you do need to start a dialog on the meaning of "hero." A possible presentation outline is offered below.

  • Present a captivating introduction to the lesson. Ask "What is a hero?" Let your campers work together to create a definition. Then encourage campers to share who their heroes are and why.
  • Provide an overview of today's activity. Tell them that today they will get to write stories about their heroes and post them on the Internet for others to see.
  • Distribute the activity worksheet and facilitate today's activity.
  • After the activity ask campers to share their hero stories with each other.