DRRI: Education

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Discussion Lists

COLDAC, the College On-Line Disability Awareness Community, is a discussion forum about the rights, social interaction, and quality of life for people with disabilities. This forum is intended for college students with disabilities and service providers to share trials and successes in academic access, attendant care, inclusion into social events, and a whole lot more.

Doitsem is a forum for disabled students and advocates to discuss the integration of people disabilities into science, engineering, math studies, and careers.

Dsshe-l is a list about disabled student services in higher education. To subscribe, send a message with a blank subject line to listserv@listserv.acsu.buffalo.edu. In the body of the message type "subscribe dsshe-l".

NEADS-L National Educational Association of Disabled Students, is for discussion of issues that are important to postsecondary students with disabilities in Canada. To subscribe, send a message with a blank subject line to listserv@yorku.ca. In the body of the message type "subscribe neads-l".

NOBE-L, National Organization of Blind Educators, is for blind people working or aspiring to work in the field of education.

specialed_about is a semi-monthly e-newsletter of special education news. To subscribe, send a blank email to specialed_about-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Special-ed is a discussion list about special education. To subscribe, send a message with a blank subject line to majordomo@cuy.net. In the body of the message type "subscribe special-ed".

Transition to College is designed to share resources and ideas related to the topic of transitioning to college for students with disabilities. To subscribe, send a message with a blank subject line to transitions-subscribe@topica.com. In the body of the message type "subscribe Transitions Firstname Lastname".

World Wide Web

Barrier Free Education
A resource site helping students with disabilities gain access to math and science education. The text and links at this site are intended to inform and assist students with disabilities as well as their parents and teachers.

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)
International professional organization providing professional development, journals, newsletters, conferences, and special education publications related to policy, standards, and advocacy for under-served individuals.

Disability and Information Systems in Higher Education (DISinHE)
Provides links to research on the topics of accessibility and learning technology.

DO-IT's Faculty Room
The Faculty Room is a space for faculty and academic administrators at postsecondary institutions to learn how to create classroom environments and activities that maximize the learning of all students, including those with disabilities.

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education
Gathers and disseminates the professional literature, information, and resources on the education and development of individuals of all ages who have disabilities and/or who are gifted.

Equal Access to Software and Information (EASI Access)
Offers online training on accessible information technology for persons with disabilities.

Equity in Science Education
Information on equity in science education, including classroom strategies for inclusion.

Family Village
Informational resources on specific diagnoses, communication connections, adaptive products and technology, adaptive recreational activities, education, worship, health issues, disability-related media, and literature.

Including All Kids
Materials available to assist with making your organization inclusive—answering questions, understanding the laws, improving recruitment, evaluating practices, and sharing best practices.

Inclusion in Science Education for Students with Disabilities
Information on teaching strategies and individualized education plans related to including students with disabilities in science and math.

National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education through Technology, Media, and Materials (NCIP)
NCIP serves to improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities by promoting the effective use of assistive and instructional technologies among educators and related personnel serving these students. Provides resources and research.

National Center on Disability & Access
The National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE) monitors and promotes electronically-mediated distance education policies and practices that enhance the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS)
NEADS is a consumer organization with a mandate to encourage the self-empowerment of post-secondary students with disabilities in Canada. NEADS advocates for increased accessibility to college or university education.

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY)
Publications and information on children with disabilities, IDEA, No Child Left Behind, and research-based educational practices.

Regional Resource and Federal Centers (RRFC) Network
A nationwide technical assistance network to respond to the needs of students with disabilities, especially students from under-represented populations. Provides a national perspective for establishing technical assistance activities within and across regions by identifying and synthesizing emerging issues and trends.

SKILL: National Board for Students with Disabilities
Skill is a national charity promoting opportunities for young people and adults with any kind of disability in post-16 education, training, and employment across the UK.

Special Education Exchange
A comprehensive resource for special education teachers and programs.

Special Needs Ontario Window (SNOW)
The education component of the University of Toronto's Adaptive Technology Resource Centre (ATRC) provides online courses and resources to the special education community.

Includes relevant and timely advice and resources with regard to technology and disability issues for higher education.

U.S. Department of Education - Office of Special Education Programs (OSERS)
Dedicated to improving results for infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities ages birth through twenty-one by providing leadership and financial support to assist states and local districts.

We Connect Now
A resource for connecting college students with disabilities in access to higher education and employment issues.

Links to articles, cases, and free resources on topics relating to special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.