UW Emergency Management

When to contact UW Emergency Management

  • 24×7 Duty Phone: 206-765-7192
  • 24×7 Duty Pager: 206-797-0176

Scope of responsibility

University of Washington Emergency Management (UWEM) shares responsibility for life-safety, incident stabilization, property preservation and environmental protection across all University of Washington Property under Administrative Policy Statement (APS) 13.1

UWEM is an All-hazards (natural and man-made) agency with primary roles in planning, mitigation and preparedness and supportive roles in response, in cooperation with University Police, University EH&S and other emergency response agencies. UWEM is the primary agency for EOC activation and management. UWEM is the primary liaison with other Emergency Management agencies.

On-Scene, UWEM will work with the Incident Commander in a supportive planning and logistics role. If necessary, UWEM will assist the Incident Commander by contacting other key departments and leadership within the University or with outside partners to meet the needs of the incident. The primary role of Emergency Management on any scene is to facilitate incident coordination and support unified command. UWEM duty officers are well-trained in the Incident Command System.

When to call UWEM into an incident

Does the incident have any one of the following:

  • A displaced building population?
  • Potential for campus-wide impact or disruption?
  • Potential for multiple operation periods?
  • Potential for a large emergency response to the Campus?
  • Potential for a large media response to the Campus?
  • Need to address complex needs of the incident?

Contact the UWEM duty officer early in the incident

If it resolves to nothing, then we consider it a good opportunity to practice together. However, if the incident escalates, UWEM can help manage it with joint planning and coordination of the response and by bringing in additional resources from inside and outside the UW, if necessary.

When in doubt call UWEM.

  • Our Duty Officers can help determine potential scope and an appropriate response.
  • Our Duty officers are trained to manage planning and logistics, so you can focus on Operations.

How to contact UWEM 24×7

By phone

  • Call the Duty Phone at 206-765-7192
  • Call the pager number at 206-797-0176 (When you hear the signal, type in the phone number you want paged out and hit the # sign.)

Sending a text page from the Internet

  1. Go to the website http://www.usamobility.com/send_a_message/index.asp
  2. Enter the pager’s phone number: 206-797-0176
  3. Click to the next screen
  4. Enter the text you wish to send. There is a 240 character limit.

Sending a text page from e-mail

Note: be sure you have a “clean” e-mail template, free of any taglines, signature lines, etc. These will eat up the available character space for the page.

  1. In the TO: line, type 2067970176@usamobility.net or click here
  2. Type in your text in the body of the e-mail and send it.

From a mobile device

Depending on your device and service, any of the 3 options above will work.