UW Emergency Management

May 27, 2020

UW COVID-19 Recovery: EOC Objectives

As the University of Washington transitioned from the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic response, to short-term recovery in late May 2020, the UW’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), changed its status to  Level 3 (low Impact event, limited staff) with limited direct support to the ongoing incident.  The virtual EOC established three objectives as part of its institution-wide support mission.


Objective 1: Maintain situational awareness of current UW COVID-19 activities and issues, with an emphasis on recovery activities.  Produce and distribute a UW Recovery SitRep 3x/week.

Objective 2: Provide technical resources, linkages and incident management guidance to the ACCD, Unified Command senior leadership group and internal university recovery and resumption work groups (including maintaining liaisons with City, County, State, and federal emergency management agencies and organizations).

Objective 3: (In anticipation of future coronavirus waves) Evaluate the effectiveness of the current EOC organization as documented from initial after-action reviews,) identify process improvements and present them to the Emergency Readiness Committee (ERC) and UW senior leadership.