UW Emergency Management

May 2, 2018

Business Continuity Program Update: First quarter of 2018!

In January we presented the first set of data on the Business, Academic and research continuity program. The initial numbers were not great–Only 21% of departments had started plans, the plans were largely out of date, and only one was complete. While you will see growth over the quarter, we are still in the “push the boulder uphill” portion of this work.

What we’ve been doing to improve?

The focus on this quarter has been largely on awareness. Building tools to assist teams in developing their plans (including the continued development of the “Build Your Plan in a Year” pilot), presentations at groups (given by request), and reaching out to existing plan owners to remind them that it is time to review their plans.

Additionally, we are working to improve our data. You’ll note that in January we were tracking 702 departments–now we are tracking 728. This is largely because of work that has been done to improve the data about the campuses at Bothell and Tacoma.

How did we do in Quarter 1?

We added six new plans and increased the percentage of up-to-date plans to 41%.

2018 Q1 Status

It may not sound like significant numbers, but looking at the month over month growth chart below shows a healthy growth.

2018 Q1 Growth


What comes next?

In Quarter 2 (April-June), the focus will be on identifying priority units to get them started on planning and moving more units into that “complete” column by hosting exercises with groups and individual units.

If you would like a speaker on business continuity for your group, send a request to disaster@uw.edu