UW Emergency Management

March 8, 2016

One Department’s example of Resilience is helping to show the way for others

UW Educational Outreach, a department that provides professional and continuing education academic services by offering over 130 professional certificates and 75 degrees (both undergraduate and graduate), has taken a very significant step towards improving their resilience. Through a lot of hard work and with some guidance from UWEM’s BARC program, UWEO has made great efforts to ensure that their services will be available to their students and the Community, even after a disruptive incident such as a storm or power outage.

Using Husky Ready and with input from UWEM Certified Business Continuity staff as well as other knowledgeable experts in the field, UWEO is better prepared to remain operational tomorrow, no matter what happens today.

UWEO is an excellent example to others on how to improve their own organizational resilience to disruption and be efficient in recovery to work should they disrupted, despite planning efforts.

UWEO took it one step further and produced a great video about their efforts to share with others as well.

Huge kudos to UWEO for being such a great example of being proactive in their commitment to helping the UW Community be more resilient.