Approve an Application

To approve an eGC1, click the Approve button on the Approval Flow page. A pop-up window will open, as shown in the following image.

approve application dialog with details and comments

The Application Details section lists selected fields from the eGC1 to assist users in confirming they are viewing the correct item. The data fields include:

  • Application Number
  • Short Title
  • PI Name
  • Org Code Receiving Funding
  • Sponsor Name

In the Comments section, you may enter comments pertaining to the approval. Comments are optional, and if entered, are added to the History & Comments page.

When the PI is approving an application, the Assurance Statement will also appear in the approval dialog. The PI must check the box in order to complete the approval process. If you have indicated the PI’s approval will be escalated, the process is slightly different. See the PI Escalation article for details.

The PI is also responsible for ensuring that any Application PI or Multiple PI has  also provided assurance.

The PI Assurance Statement reads:

I certify that the statements in this eGC1 and the related sponsor application are true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I am aware that any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or claim may subject me to criminal, civil, or administrative penalties. I agree to accept responsibility for the scientific conduct of the project and to provide the required progress reports if a grant is awarded as a result of this application.

If this is a multiple PI application, I understand that if I am the eGC1 PI, my approval of the eGC1 indicates I have obtained written assurances from external PIs named in this application that include this Non-UW Multiple PI Assurance Statement.

The approval/agreement reads:

I am the PI and I have read and agree with the PI Assurance Statement. I understand that approving this eGC1 electronically is equivalent to my signature.

Click on the Approve button in the dialog to complete the process, or the Cancel link to return to the Approval Flow without approving.

When an approver completes the approval process for a node, the node’s color on the approval graph will change color to green. The name of the approver will display, as shown in the following image.

approved node on graph

Note: Once a person approves for a unit, no other reviewers from that unit may approve or return the eGC1.

Your name, role type, date and time, and any comments you added will display on the approval History & Comments page, as shown in the following image.

history and comments sample entry

The system captures a snapshot of the eGC1 to track the version of the eGC1 and its attachments at the time of approval. If the eGC1 is a Grant Runner one, a link to the approved sponsor forms will also display.

Links to the approved version of the eGC1 and its attachments also display on the Reviewer Details page.