Add a Comment

The Add Comment link allows you to add an independent comment to the application at any time in the process. Clicking it opens a pop-up window containing two sections: Application Details and Comment, as shown in the following image.

approvals add comment dialog

The Application Details section lists selected fields from the eGC1 to help you confirm that you are viewing the correct item. The data fields include:

  • Application Number
  • Short Title
  • PI Name
  • Org Code Receiving Funding
  • Sponsor Name

The Comments section includes a text box for entering your comment and an Add Comment button to complete the process. There is also a Cancel link that will return you to the Approval Flow page without saving a comment.

Any comments you enter and save will display on the History & Comments page, and therefore will be visible to all persons with access to the eGC1. The system displays the name of the person who added the comment and lists their role and unit, such as, Department Reviewer CHEMISTRY.