Approval Statuses

The Approval Status indicates where an eGC1 is in the routing process relative to you or your role. An eGC1 will have different approval statuses for different people or organizations depending on where the eGC1 is in the process.

approval statuses

The approval statuses are:

Status Description
En Route Applications that are waiting for approval by units before you in the approval flow. This status allows reviewers to see eGC1s before they receive the notification to approve. You do not need to wait for your approval notification to approve an eGC1.
Waiting for My Approval All units before your node in the approval flow have approved the application. You, or someone in your shared role, (for example: Dept Reviewer) are now due to approve the application.
Approved You, or someone else in your shared role, has approved the application.
Returned You, or someone else in your shared role, has returned the application to the research team.
Watching You do not need to approve an application in this status. You can review it, and optionally, mark it as Watched.
Watched You, or someone else in your shared role, has marked the application as watched.

Note: When an eGC1 on your list with a status of “Waiting for My Approval” becomes withdrawn or returned, its approval status will change to “En Route.” If you do not have your list filtered to show that status, the application may seem to disappear. You would still be able to see it by either including more statuses, or searching for it from the Advanced Search page.