My Approvals Page

As a reviewer, once you have logged into SAGE, click on the Approvals tab to display the My Approvals page, which lists eGC1s and Advance Budget Requests that require your review and/or approval.

By default, the list displays all of the items waiting for your approval or for you to mark as watched. You can change which statuses display by selecting additional check boxes, or the “Select Waiting” or “Select All” links.

The list is sorted with the newest (highest number) item first. To sort the My Approvals list by a specific column’s data, click on the column heading (for example: Item # or PI). Click again to reverse the sort.

To do a quick search, enter the full Item Number (including prefix) in the text box and click Open. If you have access to the item, it will automatically open to the Approval Flow.

To search for items using a combination of criteria, click the Advanced Search link to the right of the Open button.

The following fields displayed on the My Approvals page.

Field Description
Item # Select this to open the item’s approval flow.
(Icons) A page icon indicates an eGC1 has attachments; an arrow icon indicates a Grant Runner eGC1.
PI The Principal Investigator for the application.
Short Title Identifies the project within the UW financial system (maximum of 22 characters).
My Approval Status Indicates where an eGC1 is in the routing process relative to you or your role.
My Approval Date The date that you or your role approved this eGC1.
Sponsor Deadline The deadline date for the Sponsor.
Item Status Indicates where an item is in the routing process. To filter the list by status, click the View by Item Status link.
Ready to Submit The response to the “Ready to Submit” question on the Certify & Route page of the eGC1.