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wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – Intellectual House

Committee Members

Intellectual House Planning Advisory Committee

  • Chenoa Henry, Co-chair, UW Intellectual House Director
  • Charlotte Cote, Co-chair, Professor, UW Department of American Indian Studies
  • Sherri Berdine, UW Director of Tribal Relations
  • Casey Wynecoop, UW Intellectual House Assistant Director
  • Tomitha Blake, UW Assistant Vice Provost Advancement, Academic & Student Affairs
  • Christopher Teuton, Professor and Chair, UW Department of American Indian Studies
  • Avelaka Macarro, UW Assistant Director, Riverways Rural & Tribal Programs
  • W. Ron Allen, Chairman, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
  • Augustine McCaffery, Community Member
  • Patti Gobin, Tribal Elder
  • Jesse Brisbois, UW iSchool PhD Candidate
  • Kaila Redbow, UW Undergraduate Student, FN@UW Co-Chair
  • Hailey Enick, UW Undergraduate Student, FN@UW Co-Chair

Intellectual House Working Committee Members

  • Dr. Charlotte Coté, Assistant Professor for American Indian Studies
  • Iisaaksiichaa Ross Braine, Tribal Liaison, Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity
  • Ken Kubota, Project Manager for Capital Projects Office
  • David Iyall, Assistant Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations for Minority Affairs & Diversity
  • Scott Pinkham, Counseling Services Coordinator for the College of Engineering
  • Marty Sands, Architectural Advisor
  • Karen Capuder, Graduate Student Representative
  • Emma Noyes, Director of American Indian Student Commission
  • Dr. Augustine McCaffery, Manager of Academic Programs for the Graduate School
  • Kateri Schlessman, Senior Planner for Capital & Space Planning
  • Polly Olsen, Director of Community Relations & Development for the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute
  • Karen Capuder, Graduate Student Representative
  • Clarita Lefthand Begay, Native Graduate Student Representative