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Phase 2

In 2015, the University of Washington opened its doors to the first phase of building the now iconic longhouse-style building that has become the center of campus life for American Indian and Alaska Native students. Phase 2 will complete the original vision of Intellectual House, split into two phases as a result of the economic recession at the start of the project conception. Learn more.

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Phase 2: Progress to Date

Dedicated Space

“Phase 2 is important to me as a student because it ensures that Native students that come after me will always have a space that cannot be taken away from them.”

– UW Student ’22-23

Student Success

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“Phase 2 shows me that there are people who care about the presence and success of students like me on campus.”

– UW Student ’22-23

Culture and Education

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“It is important for incoming AI/AN to show representation at UW. A safe space to uplift both the culture and education of the student.”

– UW Student ’22-23

Phase 2 of wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – Intellectual House is designed to be a student-centric space with a supportive environment for students to thrive at the University of Washington. Creating space to foster connections to our students’ home tribes and communities supports a sense of belonging, leadership development and academic success.


The completion of this project centers Native life at the UW.

Features of Phase 2

    • STUDENT LOUNGE & STUDY SPACE for students to gather, study and rest.


    • MEETING & LEARNING SPACES for students, staff and faculty groups to meet, learn and be in community. A space for language preservation.


    • NATIVE ART LAB for learning and teaching traditional arts like weaving, carving, beading and other indigenous mediums.


    • ELDERS LOUNGE for intergenerational connection: a key to upholding culture and offering guidance to students.


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wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ is the heart of the Native community on campus. Fulfilling the original vision by completing both phases of this project makes that heart bigger and beat stronger.

Chenoa Henry (Tulalip)wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – Intellectual House, Director

Phase 2 will deliver:

  • Dedicated space for our community of students to meet and gather.
  • Dedicated space for Native languages and arts.
  • Increased culturally-specific programming and services to support student success.
  • Increased job opportunities for professional and student staff.

Project Timeline*

  1. FUNDRAISING & PLANNING | January 2023 – June 2024
  2. DESIGN & PERMITTING | January 2024 – March 2025
  3. CONSTRUCTION | January 2025 – December 2026
  4. OCCUPANCY | 2027

*subject to change


Chenoa Henry | 206.616.6056 |
Tomitha Blake | 206.221.6063 |
Suzanne Sullivan | 206.543.0994 |

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