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February 21, 2019

Number of 2018–19 Husky Promise students

University of Washington

During the 2018–19 academic year, 32 percent of UW undergraduates from Washington (nearly 10,000 students) are eligible for the Husky Promise, which covers the tuition and fees of students with financial need.* Source: Office of Planning & Budgeting *Through a combination of state, federal and UW local funds.

November 19, 2018

Number of students receiving scholarships and fellowships

University of Washington

In fiscal year 2017, 10,590 students received scholarships and fellowships from the UW. Source: Report to Contributors

November 2, 2018

Endowment size 2018

University of Washington

The University of Washington Endowment was $3.4 billion as of fiscal year 2018. Source: 2018 Consolidated Endowment Fund Report

2018 new endowed funds

University of Washington

219 new endowments were added to the UW Consolidated Endowment Fund in fiscal year 2018. Source: 2018 Consolidated Endowment Fund Report

2018 endowment distributions

University of Washington

Endowment distributions in fiscal year 2018 were distributed as follows: 29 percent to student support; 24 percent to faculty support; 22 percent to University support; 17 percent to program/academic support; and 8 percent to research support. Source: 2018 Consolidated Endowment Fund Report

2018 Consolidated Endowment Fund

University of Washington

Under the management of the UW Treasury, the Consolidated Endowment Fund — created over the history of the University to perpetually fund donors’ preferred programs and people — distributed $121 million to campus endowed support in fiscal year 2018. Source: 2018 Consolidated Endowment Fund Report

October 23, 2018

First endowed gift to the UW

University of Washington

In 1905, the University of Washington received its first cash endowed gift of $400. Source: Treasury Office

January 4, 2018

Number of study abroad scholarships

University of Washington

More than 170 UW Study Abroad scholarships increase access to study abroad for UW students each year. Source: Office of Global Affairs

July 22, 2017

Total giving FY 2017

University of Washington

Donors gave $564.4 million in private support to the University of Washington in fiscal year 2017, breaking the previous record of $542.4 million. Additionally, more than 80 percent of donors gave gifts of less than $500. Source: UW News