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Event parking

Event coordinators should review their transportation needs as an initial part of the event planning process and contact the Special Events office as soon as possible to put the date on their calendar.  If you’re organizing an event, arranging parking for guests, or calling about a sporting event, they can help make your plan go smoothly.

Prepaid parking plans for events

  1. You can select a code for the Gate, and pay per car as the code is used.
  2. Prepaid Departmental Commuter Tickets. Order these online and hand out in advance.  The day and the Lot Number MUST BE written on the ticket for it to be valid.  Tickets are paid for with a departmental Budget Number.  Any unused tickets are refunded minus 10% administration fee.
  3. Reserved parking with a cone. This is the most expensive way to do it.  All coned spaces are charged $15 per cone, in addition to $15 for the vehicle.  If multiple cars are going in/out of the reserved space, each car is charged $15. So at minimum the space costs $30, but it can be a lot more!

Stalls in Central Parking Garage

C1 = 150 , C2= 75, C3= 178, C4=150, C5=382
TOTAL: 935

Event parking at the tower

The same options as above apply, but in addition to paying for parking, you have to pay for an attendant to staff the gate as the cars arrive. Contact for more information.

Disability parking

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