Give big to UW Recreation today and help us provide accessible and dynamic recreation experiences for ALL Huskies.

Recreation and the ability to balance academics with physical engagement is paramount to the success of our students. Students who are engaged in building communities and experiences outside of the classroom now through our programs help control stress levels, make new connections, and set healthy habits for the rest of their lives. For many students, socio-economic barriers stand in the way of them joining a team, taking a class, or participating in activities. A classroom fee should not be a deterrent for students who want to try something new or get involved.

Individuals such as Judy and Michael Peterson, longtime UW employees, shared our values when they generously founded the The Peterson Endowment. Mike and Judy are committed to breaking down barriers for all UW students to enjoy the benefits of UW Recreation programs.

Join Judy and Mike in giving today and help UW Recreation increase the number of students who are able to participate in healthy programs and activities and enable them to thrive as a student.


Nathan Reinsdorf, former Club Treasurer for Husky Wrestling Club: “As a club, we do our own fundraising throughout the year, such as working for vendors at Husky Stadium during football games, as well as Century Link Field during their events. Outside of that, we each pay for our own expenses. The use of monies through the Peterson Fund has helped ease the worry of members about not being able to attend certain competitions or have access to true wrestling facilities.

We see every dollar as vitally important to our success; with more access to competitions provided by the fund, the Husky Wrestling Club is better able to get more recognition, which in turn means that more students may come to UW in the future with a chance to participate in an activity that they love!”

Graham Nolan, former president of the Baseball Club at UW: “Club baseball is always in need of funding due to expensive requirements needed to help the team function, including equipment, field rentals, umpire costs, travel, lodging, and league/tournament fees.

Additional funding from the Peterson Fund helps to offset those costs, which reduces the amount that each club member is responsible for, helping to ease a huge barrier for participation in Club baseball.”

Give today to support UW Recreation in supporting programs that increase ACCESS to RECREATION for ALL STUDENTS

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