Office of Global Affairs

Teaching & Curriculum Awards

Our application deadline has passed. Please email if you have questions.

International travel is on hold, but global engagement and cross-cultural collaboration are more critical than ever. This summer, the Office of Global Affairs (OGA) is offering a special cycle of the Global Innovation Fund (GIF), seeking proposals for global teaching and curriculum grants.

  • Awards up to $2,000 are available to support the addition of a global module, project or innovation to your course
  • Open to faculty members, lecturers, and staff engaged in course development
  • Projects must be implemented during the 2020-21 academic year
  • Priority will be given for projects involving new or enhanced collaboration with an international partner.

Project examples

  • Add an element of International Virtual Exchange or Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) to your course (e.g., international marketing project with students from the National University of Singapore)
  • Student consulting or research project embedded in your course with an international company, non-profit or NGO
  • Incorporation of speaker(s) from an international organization (e.g., virtual lecture by Korean public health official on COVID response) or faculty member (e.g., expert from University of Queensland)
  • Interactive international learning activity (e.g., virtual museum tour or remote company visit)

Application process & timeline

Application deadline Monday, July 20th, 2020
Awards announced Early August, 2020
Award use period August 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

  • Compensation for faculty summer grants during the month of August
  • Reimbursements for other expenses due by June 30, 2021
Reports & budget reconciliations due No later than July 15th, 2021
Unused funds returned to OGA No later than July 30th, 2021

Application Requirements:

  • Online application form submission
  • Attached letter or email of support from department chair

Primary Questions to be addressed in proposal:

  • Project narrative description: Please provide a short (suggested 300 words) description of your proposed project and intended outcomes. If relevant, include information about innovations and collaborations with international partners/organizations.
  • Does your project advance the UW Race and Equity Initiative or the UW American Indian and Indigenous Studies Initiative. If yes, please describe how? ?
  • Future planning: If relevant, please briefly share plans for the future of the proposed project (i.e., Do you plan to develop a module that you intend to use year after year? Do you have plans for add-on projects, etc.?)
  • Budget request: Please provide a short description of the request for funds (e.g., $2,000 for summer support for module development, or $500 for international speaker honoraria, etc.)
  • Will there be a match from your department? (A departmental match is not required, but may make a proposal more competitive.)

If you have questions, contact the Office of Global Affairs at

Award funds

Awards can be used for:

  • Faculty or administrator salary
  • Academic student employees and student workers
  • Honoraria
  • Marketing expenses
  • Technology equipment or software

Funds may not be used for:

  • The purchase of alcohol
  • Dissertation research

Award reporting

At the end of the award use period, awardees are required to submit the following materials to OGA at

  • Brief narrative report – describe the project, outcomes, and next steps
  • Photos
  • Outline use and impact of funds
  • Budget report reflecting actual expenditures. (You can update the budget submitted with your application).

OGA will follow up to do additional marketing and story-telling around each project