Office of Global Affairs

Planning ahead for travel

Below are steps you should take as you prepare for travel abroad to take care of your health, safety and security. This preparation will help you have a successful trip, and give authorities here in the U.S. the information needed to quickly assist you if something goes wrong.



  • Review and understand the UW’s international emergency assistance resources and procedures before you travel.
  • Make sure that emergency contact information is accessible while you are away.
    • To add key UW global emergency assistance contacts to your smartphone or device, text UWglobal to 444-999.
    • If you are traveling to Italy, text UWRC to 444-999 or +39 3399 957440 (from an Italian phone number).
    • If you are traveling to Leon, Spain, text UWLC to 444-999 or +34 9551 60083 (from a Spanish phone number).
    • You can also write important numbers – including the UW Global Emergency line – on a card to take in your wallet.