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Planning Ahead: Before You Depart

Below are steps you should take as you prepare for travel abroad to take care of your health, safety and security. This preparation will help you have a successful trip, and give authorities here in the U.S. the information needed to quickly assist you if something goes wrong.

For detailed information about health and safety planning, including how to vet housing and transportation vendors, following local laws, or guidance on prescription medications, see this Global Travel Health and Safety resource developed for UW Study Abroad.



  • Review and understand the UW’s international emergency assistance resources and procedures before you travel.
  • Download and activate International SOS, including the app. This can be done through your travel registration portal.
  • Have a full understanding of any entry restrictions and testing requirements for your destination related to COVID-19.
  • Make sure that emergency contact information is accessible while you are away. This should include the nearest embassy and the UW Global Emergency line.