Office of Global Affairs

Global Innovation Fund

Since 2014, the Office of Global Affairs has been advancing interdisciplinarity through the Global Innovation Fund. It supports transformative cross-college, cross-continent research collaborations and global Husky Experiences.

Award Cycles

Research Awards

Seed funding of up to $20,000 to develop cross-college and cross-continent research collaborations
Application Deadline: November 1, 2020

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    Teaching & Curriculum Awards

    Awards up to $2,000 to support the addition of a global module, project or innovation to a course
    Application Deadline: July 2020

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      Study Abroad Awards

      Awards up to $20,000 to support the creation of or the enhancement of a study abroad program

      The Global Innovation Fund will not have a call for study abroad applications this year. Awards reserved for study abroad programming will be included in the general scholarship funding pool.


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