Office of Global Affairs

Global Innovation Fund

This fund provides initial support for initiatives and programs that enhance the UW’s global engagement and reach. Examples include:

  • Planning and development of innovative study abroad programming for students
  • For existing faculty-led study abroad programs, developing distinct new programming
  • Research collaborations
  • Faculty and student collaborations
  • Faculty exchanges
  • Distinguished scholar support
  • Cross-college and interdisciplinary conferences, symposia, and workshops
  • Seed funding for new project development


  • UW faculty members, research scientists, and non-faculty researchers are encouraged to apply.
  • All applicants must have the support of their college, school, or department. Cost-sharing demonstrates this commitment. 
  • Study abroad programs must be confirmed and administered by UW Study Abroad.
  • Awards cannot support programs long-term. Applications for programs will not be considered for more than two consecutive years.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Funding priorities

Applications aligned with one or more of these strategic goals and initiatives will receive highest priority:
Awards for study abroad programming also prioritize:
  • Innovations in curriculum
  • Facilitating research, service, and/or internship opportunities for students
  • Engagement with partner faculty, students, and/or institutions
  • Quarter-long programs, especially those offered winter quarter
  • Programs involving subjects or locations less commonly represented in study abroad
  • Programs developed to serve students underrepresented in the study abroad community


  • Funding will be awarded up to $20,000, though most awards are much smaller
  • Awards can cover up to 75% of the total program cost. The balance must be matched by departments.
  • UW Study Abroad program budgets may be used in place of the GIF budget template
Funds may be used to support:
  • Academic student employees, postdoctoral fellows, professional travel, computing expenses, supplies, and other program-related expenses
Funds may not be used to support:
  • The purchase of alcohol, faculty or staff salaries, or dissertation research

Departmental support

  • Applicant college(s)/school(s) or department(s) must cost-share at a minimum of 25 percent (or more) of the total program cost.
  • Applicants proposing study abroad program development may be eligible to substitute salary or in-kind support.

Award disbursal

  • Depending on the project, award funds may be disbursed to the lead applicant’s department, the UW Study Abroad program account, or both.
  • For awards disbursed to the lead applicant’s department, budgets must accept revenue transfers.
  • Unused funds must be returned to OGA.


Submit the following to the Office of Global Affairs at, following the timeline below:

  • A brief narrative report documenting use and impact of funds
  • A budget report reflecting actual expenditures – update the budget submitted with your application
  • Please mention the Global Innovation Fund in any communications or news related to funded projects


Applications are accepted each fall. Requests for funding may be considered outside of the regular award cycle for exceptional innovative proposals. Contact us to learn more.

Application deadline Early November 2019
Awards announced Mid-December 2019
Award use period January 1, 2020 – February 14, 2021
Reports & budget reconciliations due No later than March 13, 2021
Unused funds returned to OGA No later than March 30, 2021

 Application process

  1. Download the application
  2. Please use Adobe Acrobat to complete the application
  3. Save completed application as a .pdf
  4. Title the .pdf as follows:  LeadApplicantLastName_GIF_2018.pdf (for example: Mendoza_GIF_2018.pdf)
  5. Submit completed application via email to

Application elements:


Narrative statement

1000 words maximum. Cover all of the following points:


Budget proposal

  • A template is provided in the application. If you already submitted a UW Study Abroad program proposal, the budget submitted with that application is adequate and you do not need to complete this portion of the application.
  • Allowable costs: Student research assistants, postdoctoral fellows, professional travel, computing expenses, supplies, and other program/project related activities.
  • Awards may not be used for faculty and staff salaries.

Departmental endorsement

  • Electronic signatures acceptable
  • If used for dean/chair approval, attach to the PDF a copy of emails endorsing the proposal