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International Travel Registry


Students traveling abroad for learning, fieldwork or research are required by UW policy to register their travel. Students on programs offered through UW Study Abroad are registered as part of their enrollment and no further actions are required. This includes students who are employed in some capacity by UW (ie. staff appointments, researchers, HFS, etc.).

Employees (faculty, other academic personnel, staff) on official travel abroad are strongly encouraged to register their travel and should follow their units’ specific policies or requirements.

Graduate and undergraduate students

Curricular Travel

Dissertation or thesis research, internships, practicum, clinical electives, fellowship programs (whether or not you plan to earn credit).

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Non-Curricular Travel

Travel to conferences, any other travel that is not curricular or not degree-related, or travel with a UW Registered Student Organization.


Faculty, other academic personnel, and staff

Individuals On UW Official Travel

Faculty traveling for research (including sabbatical), travel by research staff, travel to conferences, or travel on official UW business.


Leading Non-Curricular Programs For Students

MBA Study Tours, travel by UW performing arts groups, other group travel that is not for credit or not for degree purposes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to register travel?

  • All UW official travel should be registered through UW Global Travel.
  • This applies to anyone at UW who is on official international travel for research, study abroad, conferences, events, or meetings.
  • If UW is involved in travel in any way (funding, salary, credits, sponsorship, etc.) it is official travel.

What are the benefits of registering?

  • Access to 24/7 UW emergency response services.
  • Receive travel notifications from UW Global Travel.
  • Help UW Global Travel reach you in an emergency.
  • Enrollment in overseas emergency medical insurance (required for students, optional for faculty/other academic personnel/staff).
  • Advice on State Department Travel Advisory Levels.